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One, talent management
1, to Germany first, focus on quality, with its director, ability and integrity selecting talent.
Two, people-oriented, respect for people, trust people, the rational allocations with good talent;
3, honest, caring people, caring people, education guidance of good talent.
4, humane management: to carry out psychological counseling, focus on employee mental health, personality characteristics for employees, play to their strengths, "diversity" and "originality" organic combination, and constantly develop potential employees;
5, the learning organization: promote learning, innovation and development focus shifted to knowledge innovation, to create a learning organization, enterprises and employees grow together.
Second, personnel training
1, staff training: employee career development plans and business benefits to enhance the desired combination, the company set up for each employee at least 40 hours of annual training courses covering corporate culture, product knowledge, management skills and other aspects of content.
2, tutors first: for every one new employee, the company will assign experienced older employees as mentors of their probation work, life counseling and assistance to help them adapt more quickly to the company's life and work.
3, teamwork: focus on training employees at work teamwork, cooperation, awareness, help employees quickly integrated into the corporate culture.
4, technical training: targeting the industry before the eyes of technological developments, focusing on the latest product technology and new technology training to enhance staff capacity building, and core technologies enhance the professional capacity so that employees keep up the pace of research and development.