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Address: Pengshan County, Meishan City, Sichuan Province
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Sichuan Zhi Xiang Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. is specialized in transformer, reactor design, manufacture and marketing enterprises. Companies located in the "longevity" reputation Pengshan County. Away from Chengdu, about 20 minutes by car.
The company has "horizontal phase-shifting transformer" "low inrush current, low operating voltage phase-shifting transformer" "no inrush current, over-voltage without closing the soft excitation transformer", "three-phase magnetic saturation magnetic shunt regulator" and many new patents for technology, but also has a number of transformer industry experts in the industry in a leading position.
The company has modern business facilities and advanced management system, is S09001: 2000 international quality management system certification enterprises. The company has a group of skilled, experienced professionals and advanced experiments, testing, production equipment, to ensure that products manufactured in strict accordance with national standards Seiko. Our products outside the province for a long OEMs, military industrial enterprises, power system used, and with the host exported abroad.
Company uphold the "quality, refinement, development, innovation" business philosophy, the original and industry colleagues for a better tomorrow!
Dare not say great, but for the specialization of quality first, customers first ----- product quality allows users to rest assured.
Market-oriented, technology-based ----- with high-quality products to repay the new and old customers love.
With our sincerity, for your confidence ---- with our quality for your satisfaction
Service tenet: quality of survival, reputation and development
Company Philosophy
Corporate philosophy, "insisted responsible for the integrity, quality first, adhere to all for customer service."
Corporate purposes "create value for customers, provide opportunities for employees, create benefits for society."
Enterprise spirit of "unity, entrepreneurship, realistic and innovative"
Core values ​​"respect for the individual, integrity is not A, mutual trust, reputation first, excellence, strive for excellence."