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1 account:
1.1 new user account, you should fax a business license, organization code certificate and State tax registration certificate and fill in the "User Information Registration Form" and "ordering power of attorney." If the user information changes occur, please notify change of registration information.
2 order:
2.1 Futures Contracts
2.1.1 Monthly on the 18th before a prescribed form to the company to declare Yellowstone month contract volume and times February demand planning, resource allocations priority to meet regularly reporting scheme of the user.
2.1.2 about a month on the 25th month the company introduced Yellowstone sales price, the price after the introduction of a working day, and confirm the amount of times a month February contract requirements planning.
2.1.3 Contract Review: For the unconventional contract by the managers organize relevant departments to review, assessment feedback to the user after confirmation.
2.1.4 fax confirmation by both parties after the contract for delivery of the contract.
2.2 Spot Contract:
2.2.1 User proposed contract demands, the Yellowstone contract review confirmed the company a contract of sale, the contract at ≥ 20% deposit payment, deposit arrive contract takes effect, the company mailed Yellowstone contract text. Deposit only when the user put the last batch of goods to offset the purchase price, the deposit without interest.
2.2.2 payment arrive after the scheduling process into the organization of production, full payment no later than the 20th of the month prior to arrive, the full amount to be scheduling, arrive late due to funding, resulting in the contract can not affect scheduling the delivery schedule is deemed as the user default.